e-Cities, e-Communities Initiatives 

An eCommunity can be an eVillage, eCity, eCountry or an eRegion. eCommunities are also known as ICT Communities, Cyber Communities, and Intelligent Communities. See Appendix A for more details about eCommunities. 

 To develop an eCommunity pattern, we need to modify the same Govt pattern used in Strap and just simplify it a bit if it is for a village instead of a large city or country. Here are some examples:  .

Example1- eVillage: Info Poverty people use the following key sectors/services for ICT villages:

  • connectivity (ICT infrastructure)
  • ehealth 
  • egovernance (management)
  • safe water and sanitation
  • e-agr (food security)
  • energy
  • entrepreneurship (basically selling online, ecommerce) 
  • education 

Example 2 - eHetaunda; the Nepal CCON project has the following sectors

  • eGovernance
  • eEducation
  • eCommerce
  • eHealth
  • eAgriculture
  • eTourism
  • eTransportation

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